What am I up to this week: focus!

Time to focus.

What am I up to this week: focus!

I keep forgetting to update this thing, so I should start calling these posts "what am I up to last month." Geez, Louise, I've got to get some focus.

Well, actually, what I've really got to get is the new Ford Focus because, according to the Bladerunneresque visionary aesthetic of it's marketing campaign, it's a car that turns into a swanky flat and vice versa. Which reminds me, that's something else I've got to get, a swanky flat. It'd sure make getting home after a night of debaucherous drinking easier and safer for all of us. Screw you Uber!

Anyway, what a glossy, high concept production. Glad to have been a part of it. Check it out if you're watching TV ( Turkey) or by clicking the picture below!


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